Applied MMT

#11 - Interview with Warren Mosler (Part 1)

May 01, 2023 Episode 11
Applied MMT
#11 - Interview with Warren Mosler (Part 1)
Show Notes

In the first episode of this two-part interview, Warren Mosler, one of the "founders" of MMT, joins Adam and Ryan to discuss:

- Warren's perspective on rate hikes vs. other MMTers
- Warren's meeting with George W. Bush's Chief of Staff, Andrew Card
- Warren's conversations with Paul Krugman on deficits/inflation
- Warren's conversations with Argentina's central bank on interest rates/inflation
- Forward outlook for rate hikes in the US
- Recent banking crises in the US
- Whether or not anyone at the Fed recognizes Warren’s perspective on rate hikes
- Argentina's inflation situation
- Our institutional structure & standard of living
- Ryan’s concept of the “real resource dividend”
- Trump and Biden's tariffs
- COVID’s effect on emission reductions

- Warren Mosler on Twitter
- Warren's website/blog
- Warren's publications
- Warren's MMT White Paper

- Introductory MMT resources
- Pocket Change podcast
- NYC Deficit Owls Meetup